Hi I'm Kayte, and I love to tell stories through art.


I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years. I started out taking actor portraits as a performing arts major at my undergraduate university in New York. It was there that I learned the ins and outs of film photography and processing. Luckily, I was in a great place to create art with my friends who were more than willing to take on some wacky concepts and ideas (even climb some pretty tall trees!). Eventually, I was the go-to photographer for actor portraits and headshots on campus. I also ventured into filmmaking and videography. I loved the visual aspect of capturing these moments in time to keep forever!


After graduating, I moved up to Boston where I continued my digital photography education and got a job at a fast paced portrait studio. I worked there for three years-I like to call it family photography bootcamp-and learned a lot about studio portraiture. I added this to my skillset and decided to create a pop-up studio and branch out on my own. My studio eventually found a home at PB&J Records (a recording studio) where my husband and I collaborate to create visual content for artists including studio/outdoor portraiture and videography.


But why invest in me as your photographer? That's why you're here, right? Well, I believe you should invest in me because at my core--I'm a storyteller. I always have been. From my beginnings (and still actively!) as an actor/director/playwright to now, I have a strong passion for creating dynamic pieces of art that reflect pure human emotion and capture valuable moments in time. I want my photographs to tell the story of you.

What emotion do you want people to feel when they see your photographs?

How do you feel when you see a photograph of the way your partner dotes on you, reflected in just their eyes? Something maybe you previously overlooked, or never got the chance to see because it's a special moment that comes to life when they see you laugh.

The way you feel in your favorite outfit, in your favorite place, doing something you truly enjoy--spending time with those that you love.

Maybe its just the quiet moment you get with your partner right before the reception; to share your joy in your wedding day.

These are the small moments that I find most valuable.

By choosing me as your photographer, I hope to capture these small moments and make them into big moments for your family to cherish for a lifetime.